Non-Surgical Abortion Made Easy with RU486 Mifepristone Pill

0411ace1949310a707b1d333bf98781dWomen have been using abortion pill, for more than a decade. However, lately, anti-abortion groups have ratcheted up with their scare tactics; saying it causes infertility, uterine infections and even breast cancer. It is a shame that these groups feel no dignity while even negotiating the truth in front of laws.

 So-called “Societies of Unborn” are scheming to push down the laws that block your access to Planned Parenthood. Therefore, it is time to set the record straight.

Here you will find the right info over benefits of non-surgical abortions, use of the RU486 Mifepristone pill, its mechanism of action & essential precautions to be taken while performing home based non-surgical abortion:

Non-Surgical Abortion offers “Freedom of Choice”

The non-surgical abortion is also referred to as a medical abortion or a medication abortion. It offers patients an alternative to surgical abortion early in their pregnancy. Many women find it gentler & feel it’s more like “natural option”. These are 95% safer than surgical abortions. (If you’re in the unlucky 5% you can go for surgical abortion, option is always there)

Medical abortion resembles a miscarriage. Offering a “Freedom of Choice” & lets be more politically correct “choice of planned parenthood” we all deserve. The idea itself is more natural and private. You have the liberty to control the timing and setting the events of abortion.

Let’s have a look at How safe is the Mechanism of action of RU486? Along with optimum Dosage to be followed:

RU486 Abortion Pill Online is the most potential medication to ending the unwanted pregnancy completely. The RU486 Mifepristone pills are utilized during the initial 49 days of egg fertilization. The duration of pregnancy is considered from the first day of the past menstrual cycle. It is advised to have a pregnancy test done before consuming the abortion pills.

RU486 abortion pill contains Mifepristone as the generic constituent. The Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medication. It restricts the activities of the hormone Progesterone that brings about the change in the cervix lining. Resulting in the expulsion out of the uterus.

Be Attentive & follow the right dosage regimen.

 RU486 Mifepristone pills online are available. On the first day 3 pills of Mifepristone tablets 200mg are taken. After two days, verification of abortion is done by visiting the doctor’s clinic. Generally it is capable of terminating the pregnancy as you can expect to get positive results.

However, if the pregnancy is not terminated, the procedure is followed to completion with 200mcg of Misoprostol 2 pills. Misoprostol is taken either orally or vaginally. It induces strong contractions in the uterine walls; rendering the expulsion of the content of the uterus.

It is highly advisable that you must confirm for pregnancy termination after 2 days by carrying out ultrasound checks.

When it gets tricky! No medication is free of its side effects. Read these side effects carefully and plan precautionary steps likewise.

Side effects include Bleeding and uterine contractions (cramping) are the intended effects. Cramping will be stronger than for an ordinary menstrual period and may be painful due to Misoprostol action. Bleeding will be heavier and more prolonged than for a normal period. Chills and fever are common side effects, however these are transient.

Women should seek medical attention if side effects tend to worsen.

Precautionary measures must be followed. Strictly avoid this medication, if you are suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. In case the duration of pregnancy exceeds 9 weeks don’t go for this method.

 If you are allergic to any of the constituent of Mifepristone and Misoprostol, do not use ru486RU486 abortion pills. There are several other methods of abortions that follows. Avoid consuming alcohol. If you feel any severe unwanted effects consult the doctor immediately.

So, Is It Safe?

Yes. As a woman, you should choose for yourself. Self-experience benefits of RU486, by placing your first order with our pharmacy store. Women who are searching for a solution of an unwanted pregnancy can browse through our portal and Buy RU486 online now.  We are available 24X7 to answer your every query.

Buy RU486 Online now & do not fear Unwanted Pregnancy Ever.


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