24741Sheen, my younger sister came to my house a few months back when my spouse and I were undergoing a medical examination for finding the fault that is stopping us from becoming the happy parent of the child. However, I was not a Primigravida; I had conceived 7 times before and later due to toxic infection of the uterus the whole baby pocket of mine has expelled by the physicians in order to save my life. When my sister came to my home who has already relished the phase of parity with her two beautiful girls of age 7 &9. I put my heart out and cried like hell, that Sheen I do not want to die childless later begged her for attempting surrogacy for me. After a little bit of fuss, she agreed to conceive for me. But for the sake of my happiness, Sheen also had to face many hurdles as present she is above the age of 35 years and was having irregular periods from few months but having the dilemma of menopause she never paid attention towards her uterus health which later detected as Ovarian cyst. Without delaying much, I took her to the physician who looked after me, with the physician rigorous effort and the impeccable therapy of Ovidac 5000IU for only a few months my sister, Sheen able to conceive for me but this time I made the two go sensually intimate as I cannot take any risk. Sheen finally made me a happy mother of my little son “Rock”.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) 5,000 IU can aid both men and women to overrule their issues of infertility and enable them to become a parent. In women, the action of HCG is similar to LH and acts to induce ovulation whereas, in men, the medication promotes the testicular cells to engender androgens and shoot up the sperm count too. Not this but the HCG encourages the usual testicular descent in young boys suffering from a disorder of Cryptorchidism, a medical condition where testicles have not dropped down into the scrotum generally.

Ovidac 5,000 IU is a sterile parenteral dosage that can be administered via intramuscular route (IM) for ovulation induction in women max to 10000 IU one day following last day of menotropins. Whereas in Men, the issues of Hypogonadism can be effectively encountered via the administration of 4000IU of HCG IM for three times a week up to 6-9 months followed by 2000IU three times a week for an added 3 months. In young boys, the disorder of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism can be effectively ambushed with intake of 5000IU of HCG via IM on every other day for four injections.

The long-term usage of HCG perhaps develops some pernicious effects that include fatigue, headache, irritability, queasiness, soreness, agitation, chest pain, congestion and swelling at injection site, bruising, or redness at the injection site.

ovidac-5000-iu-hcg-injections-steroidsThe patient has to pursue some prudent foresight with HCG 5,000 IU therapy like going for a gynecological exam for medical and hormonal evaluation prior commencing the intake of medicine is a must for both men and women. Always check for the sterile syringe and omit the use of medicine if observe any slight change in the color of lyophilized sterile powder. Patient with a record of asthma or troubles with kidney and liver should not kick off the therapy prior the consultation of a physician.

Ovidac HCG 5,000IU Injection can fulfill your hearty desire of becoming a parent. Buy this miraculous medication online from our website on discounted price. Faster shipping is also open now.


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