human-growth-hormone-1Saizen (Somatropin) is a medicine that is accepted by the people worldwide for the treatment of their growth hormone deficiency. The deficiency of the growth hormone may cause some serious health issues such as the birth of a child with cleft lips or palates. Adults with deficiency of growth hormone have round face and younger or not properly developed facial features when compared to other people of similar age. They may be chubby means have a baby fat around their abdomen. One can easily make out the person with GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency) as they never have their body portions equal in measurement. For boys, their voice or other secondary sexual characteristics might not change or mature with that frequency as in the case of normal healthy people. Similar, the case in women, stunted growth and underdeveloped breast, poorly developed voice and facial features. Other common symptoms are poor bone density, poorly developed bones, lack of concentration, memory. Depression and anxiety bouts are other common shortcomings that individuals may face due to deficiency of Growth Hormone.

So, if you yourself or person from your family is suffering from a deficiency of Growth hormone and facing all those issues that are mentioned above, then Saizen Growth Hormone Medicine  is the best ever treatment that you can take or administer others. To detect or confirm the GHD in your body, you can go for various checks these includes, a Blood test to measure growth hormone in the body, X-ray for bones density, Kidney and Thyroid Function Test, MRI imaging of pituitary gland for the vigilance of any tumor or injury in it.

Saizen, when administered to the patient in the form of injection enhance the pharmacological activity by conveying the signal to the receptors cells present within muscles, bones, and fatty tissues. These signals further boost up the growth and development of muscles and bones. Not this but also affects the fat composition of the body tissues that enhance fat loss by the process of Gluconeogenesis and promoting the insulin resistance.

Saizen 10 IU injection, when given to the patient via Intramuscular route (IM), manages the growth of human body (muscles and bones).  The strength of Saizen to be administered to patient vary as per their medical condition and other factors. For males, the commonly prescribed strength is 1 IU to 3IU IM per day, maximum to 4IU whereas for a female it is 1IU to 2IU via IM per day.

For athlete’s male, the dose is 2IU to 4IU IM per day for recovery and fat loss but for female, it is 1IU to 2IU IM per day for recovery and fat loss. The minimum duration of therapy is 8-16 weeks.

Saizen on another hand may precipitate some noxious effects such as flatulence, swelling, nausea, gastric pain, puking feeling, redness, itching and pain at the site of injection in muscles, stiffness in muscles, pain in joints and sometimes inflammation at the site of injection too.

To safeguard oneself from getting in girth of other health issues the patient should evade saizen-hgh-10iu-injectionthe intake of alcoholic beverages else may cause irritation in the stomach. Patient with the condition of Diabetes should go for regular check up of blood sugar levels to monitor any change in body or blood. Saizen 10IU HGH should be administered to children with extreme caution as the efficacy of the medicine is not been established in children. In the case of active and recurring cancer, brain tumors or breathing troubles, the patient should not use this medicine.

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